The cyber protection for your business relies on a well-performed analysis.

We identify any cyber threat you could be potentially exposed to through a trustful and relevant process.
It’s all about our workflow!

Comprehensive Examination

A deep and exhaustive audit is conducted to cover the most relevant topics. From the cyber exclusion clauses impact on either physical and digital assets to cyber security prevention measures, including observance quality to local data protection regulation in force.



After the audit is done, we go through all the information gathered to identify the companies weaknesses when applying for a proper insurance cover, alongside a tailor-made cyber security governance (cyber security measures implementation vs. vulnerabilities).


Based on the results of the audit and analysis, a report will be prepared to inform the company about their current cyber situation and the necessary steps to be taken in order to match the minimum cyber security standards and become insurable.

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Using the report as a roadmap, the implementation of specific cyber security governance will make your organization strong enough to face existing cyber threats and prevent future ones. The full awareness and observance from the C-suite level and below play a key role to reach the goals of the budget deployment and allocation.

Cyber Insurance Application

Although the implementation of a cyber security plan is dynamic and may involved an organized schedule, there are minimum measures to be achieved with the purpose of applying for a cyber security insurance coverage.
Our expertise in the re/insurance industry position us to provide the company with a proper advice to complete the corresponding forms aiming a positive result from the underwriting process.



As advisors, we provide closer supervision of the cyber security stage to establish and build an open and updated communication with all parties involved regarding the cyber insurance environment.

This monitoring will comprehensively be executed on monthly bordereau showing accurate progress of the cyber security measures adopted and embraced by your organization.

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