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New cyber attacks in Brazil demand cyber-insurance to protect physical and digital assets. Make sure your company survives the threats unharmed.

Numbers about Brazilian organizations

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Not ready for LGDP

77% of businesses in Brazil are not prepared to meet the General Data Protection Law requirements.

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Third-Party Risks Evaluation

Only 43% of the companies carry out a risk evaluation of their suppliers within the last 12 months.

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Ransomware Victims

65% of organizations in Brazil had been hit by ransomware in the last 12 months, according to a Sophos report earlier this year.

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Most Affected Nation in 2022

Brazil currently ranks 70th in the ITU’s Global Cybersecurity Index. However, it’s the sixth-most-affected nation in the world by ransomware attacks.

Expert and strategic advice
for your cyber insurance solution

CyberLenix is a consulting firm which builds cybersecurity awareness and governance plans for Brazilian-based organizations pursuing cyber insurance solutions.

We deliver a service of excellence combining long-term experience in the re/insurance industry with the knowledge we earned at the most prestigious institutions in cybersecurity, fintech, and management.

In our modern world, many statistics reveal the unpredictable and surprising increased number of cyber threats. A solid cyber resilience will be shortly required to be adopted by any member of a C-Suite or Investors in terms of cybersecurity.

We have a strong commitment to creating a much safer business environment. Our focus from the outset is to prevent daily cyber threats and attacks from taking place globally and protect the sensitive data which could be potentially compromised.

With CyberLenix, you can expect…

Safe Operation

Safe Operation

A professional and deep diagnostic is vital for cyber insurance access in the re/insurance environment.

It allows your organization to be keen on embracing cybersecurity governance based on our analysis and then followed by a proper and wide cybersecurity plan to be executed.


Our mission is to show the importance and relevance of cybersecurity governance. We guide organizations in the design of a tailor-made cyber insurance solution for their assets in accordance to the local regulations.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Our credentials in risk management together with an extensive experience in the insurance market allow us to provide comprehensive and long-term cyber protection to organizations.

Benefits Access

These are different scopes of covers provided as a solution by the cyber insurance market in order to protect your business.

Incident Response Expenses

Business Income lost

Data Recovery Expenses

Hardware replacement expenses

Extorsion Loses

Reputational harm

Crime Loses

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